In Busy Church

Every month, on the last Sunday at 10:30am, is Busy Church. A chance for the whole family, from new-born to ninety, to explore a Bible story through crafts, stories and games. Finishing with a simple lunch.

Such a great friendly atmosphere with something for everyone. Love it!


It was really nice. I liked making the conker spider!

Rose (aged 4)

So, what happens at Busy Church?

First there is a lot of craft and activities. There's a big mixture of things for all ages, in previous Sundays we have had painting, clay modelling, messy games, sailing boats, pompom 'fruit', Nerf gun shooting gallery, bread, jewelery. Lots happening!

Next is the celebration, which usually includes a Bible story, some fun songs, a messy game and a short talk.

To finish it all off there is lunch, where we all sit together and have something simple such as soup, jacket potatoes or sausages in buns. There's usually something yummy for pudding, as well! Tea, coffee and cold drinks are available the whole morning.